The Pointillist Art of Greg Ingerson





Accomplishments and Shows

  • 1973….. ”Hope Auction Gala” Tampa, FL
  • 1973….. Florida State Youth Art Symposium, 4th Place
  • 1974….. Florida State Youth Art Symposium, 1st Place
  • 1974….. Received ” Who’s Who” artist award for Florida High Schools.
  • 1974….. Graduated Hillsborough High School and received ” Outstanding Art Talent Award and Scholarship.’
  • 1975….. One man show Tampa Women’s Hospital opening.
  • 1975….. ”Festival on the Hill” Tampa, FL, 3rd Place
  • 1975….. One man show Ensemble Theatre Company, Ebor City, FL
  • 1975….. Gasparilla Art Festival, Tampa, FL Honorable Mention
  • 1975….. One man show… Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, FL
  • 1975….. ”Fantasy Faire Art Show”, Tampa, FL
  • 1976….. ”Festival on the Hill” Tampa, FL, 5th Place
  • 1976….. ”Atlanta National” … Honorable Mention
  • 1976….. Three wall mural for Tampa Skating Center, Tampa FL
  • 1976….. ”Gasparilla Art Festival”, Tampa, FL, 2nd Place Mixed Media
  • 1976….. Co-partnered on wall mural in downtown Tampa, FL
  • 1977….. Back wall mural for Stardust Skating Center. Tampa,FL
  • 1977….. ”Festival on the Hill” Tampa, FL 2nd Place
  • 1977….. ”Atlanta National” 4th Place
  • 1977….. ”Gasparilla Art Festival” Tampa, FL 1st Place Mixed Media
  • 1978….. Exhibit at Hunter Museum of Art. Chattanooga,Tennessee
  • 1978….. One man exhibit Tampa International Airport.
  • 1978….. ”Atlanta National” Honorable Mention
  • 1978….. ”Gasparilla Art Festival” Tampa, FL
  • 1984….. ”Under the Oaks” Vero Beach, FL
  • 1985….. ”Under the Oaks” Vero Beach, FL
  • 1986…..”Florida Competitive State competition. 3rd Place
  • 1994….. Exhibit at the ”Eye of the Lizard Gallery”
  • 2002….. Artist of the Month at the Vero Beach Artist Guild Gallery.
  • 2004….. ”Art By The Sea” Vero Beach Museum of Art 1st Place Mixed Media
  • 2004….. ” Vision 2004” Henegar Center for the Arts Melbourne, FL
  • 2013….. “Art By The Sea”, Vero Beach, FL
  • 2013….. “Courthouse 1st Annual Exhibition”, 2nd Place, Vero Beach, FL
  • 2013….. “Art of Another Dimension” – One Man Show, Lighthouse Gallery, Vero Beach, FL
  • 2014….. “Art By The Sea”, Vero Beach, FL “Honorable Mention”
  • 2014….. Lighthouse Gallery Exhibit, Vero Beach, FL
  • 2015….. “Art By The Sea”, Vero Beach, FL, 1st Place, Mixed Media
  • 2015….. “Art On The Island”
  • 2015….. “Courthouse Exhibit”, Best In Show, Vero Beach, FL
  • 2016….. “Art By The Sea”, Vero Beach, FL, 1st Place
  • 2016….. “Art On The Island”, Vero Beach, FL
  • 2017….. “Art By The Sea”, Vero Beach, FL
  • 2017….. “Art On The Island”, Vero Beach, FL, 1st Place Mixed Media, Best In Show
  • 2017….. Designed and collaborated on 16′ x 72′ wall mural, City of Vero Beach, FL
  • 2018….. “The Best of the Best” in the 50th A.E. Backus Museum Annual Show, 3rd Place
  • 2018….. “Art on the Island” Annual Show, 1st Place


Greg Ingerson Pointillist Art is found in Fine Residential Homes, Collections, Galleries, and Fine Art Exhibitions.

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