Artist Statement

I want my Pointillist Art to be enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures as well as an Inspiration for Art Collectors and Patrons of Contemporary Abstract Art. My integrative weaving and layering of materials found in our everyday lives such as earth toned colors, string, tiles, dots and dress maker pins appeals to a wide range of viewers. There’s a simple optical pleasure in viewing my creations.

My creative process is fluid and the individual curves and lines are simple. The drawings grow and become more intricately complex through repetitions. I’ve developed my own personal pattern and form of Pointillism which I describe as “square-dot, square-dot”. The Repetitive Patterns pile on top of each other becoming shifts in textures, dimensions, and movement and a sensorial experience.

I connect my Art directly to conceptual drawing practices, mathematics, physics, and forms of repetitive spiritual devotion. My Pointillist Art is at the intersection of Abstraction and Other Abstraction.

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