Greg Ingerson is a native Floridian Pointillist Artist. Growing up in Vero Beach and Tampa in the 60’s and 70’s Greg’s passion for creating Art was greatly influenced by his great uncle Frank Baisden a founding member of the Vero Beach Sketch Club and professor of Fine Art at the University of Tennessee.

Greg’s been creating Art throughout his life. In High School, Greg won First Place in the State of Florida Art Exhibition and was awarded a full scholarship to the University of South Florida where he earned his degree in Fine Art. Later in his career, Greg used his Award Winning creative talents and skills to design movie posters, album covers and set up complex landscape irrigation systems.

Today, Greg’s Intricate Pointillist Art is Impressing Contemporary Abstract Art Collectors and Patrons. His meticulous attention to every detail of the layers of tiles, string and thousands of straight pins draws us into his uniquely created world in a variety of mediums.

Innovative and Inspiring, Greg’s Pointillist Art “Commands Us to Look” at its simple earth toned palette which creates different sensations for each piece of Art. The dot dominates his Art by enhancing the light, depth, and texture in each one of Greg’s Abstracts. Like his predecessor Pointillist Artist George Seurat’s 1880’s “Sunday Afternoon” painting of tens of thousands of dots. Greg’s Abstracts contain as many as 35,000 straight pin dots.

Greg Ingerson creates his Intricate Innovative and Inspiring Pointillist Art with thousands of Dots and Pins, focused daily Practice, and the Patience to Make His Point.

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