‘Pin Point’ – Art Collector/Patron Dr. Alan Corbin

“I’ve known Greg Ingerson for 17 years, and appreciate his talents as a Competitive Skater, Drummer, and Artist. I admire his expertise in welding, designing, and maintaining complex landscaping/irrigation systems. His creative inspirations and visions are founded in a complex mixture derived from Seurat,Signec,Baronnov-Rossine, Escher and Kandinsky. In discussions related to our shared interests of Art and Music, I’ve found Greg Ingerson to be a remarkably Creative and Productive Artist with no boundaries whatsoever ( these are his modus and passion). He has recieved numerous awards and accolades in recognition of his body of work.”

“In February (2017), at the juried 3-Dimensional Art Exhibition Competition ‘Art on the Island’ (Marsh Island Clubhouse, Vero Beach), Greg took First Place and Best of Show for his Mixed Media ‘pin art’ creation ‘Pin Point’, an entirely new dimension of patterns and textures using thousands of pins. Today, I proudly own 5 of his varied works. I never cease to be amazed by what he can create in terms of form, color, composition and design of unbridled dimensions; interpretation is clearly in one’s own mind’s eye (mine, as a biomedical scientist enshrouded by cellular architecture, chemical crystalline structures, and primitive life entities) that essentially defies categorization of meaning, but however, not of craft (i.e. 3-D, mixed media, etc). One only needs to be in awe of the painstaking detail of his hand crafted and unencumbered Art! – Dr. Alan Corbin, Ph.D.

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